Discover Shop2U: Leading E-Commerce Platform for Global Expansion

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On April 28th, the British Chambers of Commerce hosted a joint mission of industry and capital visiting Shop2U, a world-renowned e-commerce company. The exchange meeting was to learn about the management and experience of Shop2U, broaden development perspective, stimulate enthusiasm for innovation and explore partnership opportunities.

Shop2U’s Comprehensive Strength

The group first watched Shop2U’s company video which provided an introduction to its history and product R&D progress. Shop2U has grown into a highly regarded e-commerce platform with its outstanding strength and considerable market performance as a leader in emerging e-commerce marketplaces. It also provides millions of jobs for the community.

Global Strategic Plan

Insiders then introduced the platform’s global strategic plan which includes establishing strategic partnerships with brands in several countries, strengthening its position in key markets such as the UK, US, Australia, Japan and Southeast Asia, building long-term partnerships with local suppliers to provide a wider selection of products and quality-enhanced services to global consumers.

Underlying Technology System

Shop2U has also built an underlying technology system based on cloud computing and big data which harbors tremendous innovative power and reflects the global values of people-oriented and technology for social good. They are committed to promoting deep integration between intelligent technology and e-commerce industry for global consumers.


The delegation expressed that they have now learned more systematically about Shop2Us’ business model, supply logistics and personalized services. They proposed to build an e-commerce information platform through cloud platforms and big data to help the sustainable development of the e-commerce industry.