MetaBlaze Raises $4M, Teams with Gaming Giants in Web 3 Revolution

28. June 2023 By admin Off

• Chainwire MetaBlaze, a web 3.0 gaming and AI company, is gearing up for its Q3 launch with strategic partnerships, a sold-out presale, and an AI-Integrated NFT collection.
• The company has raised an impressive USD 4 million in its community presale.
• MetaBlaze has partnered with and IndiGG to positively impact the Web3 gaming space and expand their reach to millions of players.

MetaBlaze Gaining Momentum as Q3 Launch Approaches

Chainwire MetaBlaze, a pioneering Web 3 Gaming and AI Company, is building momentum as they approach its upcoming Q3 launch. Through strategic partnerships with household Crypto Gaming brands, a sold-out presale, and a never-before-seen AI-Integrated NFT collection, the MetaBlaze ecosystem is primed for its next evolution stage.

MetaBlaze Reaches $4M Presale HardCap Despite Crypto Winter

Despite the struggles of the Web 3 Gaming industry throughout 2022 and 2023, MetaBlaze has charged forward going from strength to strength. The company’s community presale announces a filled hard cap raising an impressive USD 4 million with over two thousand two hundred holders – highlighting the unwavering support from their enthusiastic community who are inspired by their vision.

MetaBlaze Kickstarts Expansion with Two Key Strategic Partnerships

MetaBlaze is proud to announce partnerships with two of the most prominent Gaming Guilds in Web3: and IndiGG – representing a milestone in their journey as they bring together some of the most respected names in gaming guilds space. Through these collaborations they plan to reshape Web3 gaming through craft-to-earn/solve-to-earn experiences interweaved with dynamic storytelling while also expanding their reach to millions of players worldwide via Glip’s ten million mobile app downloads and IndiGG’s regional subDAO backed by Polygon Studios.

Launch Date Set for September 15th

The mblz token will be available on several centralized & decentralized crypto exchanges on September 15th – marking another important step forward for MetaBlaze’s evolution into the mainstream market.

In conclusion, it is clear that Chainwire Metablase is well positioned for success heading into its upcoming launch date due to strategic partnerships & filled hard cap from its community presale raising an impressive USD 4 million – all thanks to unwavering support from their enthusiastic community who share in their vision for transforming web 3 gaming experience!