Pakistan in Crisis: Perfect Storm Hits Troubled Country

3. June 2023 By admin Off

• Pakistan has been going through a major crisis, experiencing economic and natural disasters.
• Political turmoil arose when Imran Khan was ousted from power in April 2022. Protests led to bloodshed and more instability.
• The Russian Invasion of Ukraine caused fuel and food prices to rise, leading to an economic collapse and the fall of the Rupee.

Pakistan’s Perfect Storm

Pakistan has been undergoing one of the worst times in its history as it faces economic and natural calamities. A perfect storm has hit the troubled nation, leaving no easy way out.

Political Crisis

The political turmoil began in April 2022 when Prime Minister Imran Khan was removed from office through a no-confidence vote initiated by the opposition party, Shehbaz Sharif who was subsequently elected new prime minister. Despite this, protests broke out across the country which resulted in countless arrests and bloodshed between 2022 and 2023. On May 9th 2023, Khan was arrested on corruption charges before being released on bail two days later by the Supreme Court. The ongoing political unrest continues to cause fragmentation among society due to opposing ambitions with no solution in sight yet.

Economic Collapse

The economic crisis originated from the Russian Invasion of Ukraine which caused international fuel prices to increase significantly, damaging Pakistan’s economy as a whole due to excessive borrowing resulting in a falling Rupee exchange rate making imports more expensive for citizens living there . Madiha Afzal ,a fellow at Brookings Institution warned that “I see the crisis as one that is deepening, and it is very difficult to see a way out” highlighting how dire their situation really is right now .

Militant Groups Taking Advantage

In this chaos numerous militant groups have taken advantage of this situation by increasing recruitment activities while carrying out terrorist attacks throughout Pakistan since 2020 . This has further increased insecurity amongst citizens perpetuating fear and distress amongst population thereby creating more instability within their borders which only exacerbates already existing problems further .


Pakistan is facing extreme difficulties from all fronts with no end in sight for their suffering anytime soon . All these events have had an immense impact on Pakistani people’s lives , causing them further anguish during this difficult time . It remains uncertain what will be done about it but hopefully some solution will be found soon before things get worse than they already are .